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The T-shirt (man, woman or woman tanktop) and the digipack "A Decade Of Dusk" (Remaster 2018) for 20€ only !

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"Doom or be Doomed" (Tribute to CATHEDRAL).

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Digipack "A Decade Of Dusk" (Remaster 2018)

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Lux Incerta

"A Decade Of Dusk" (remaster 2018)

  • Version remasterisée de l'album sorti en 2012 et distribué en version digitale. Format Digipack.
  • Remastered version of the album released in 2012 and distributed in digital version. Digipack format.


  1. Shelter
  2. Winternity
  3. Miserabilis
  4. Miserabile
  5. The Monk
  6. Profundis
  7. Clear Water
  8. Alone


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