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The T-shirt (man, woman or woman tanktop) and the digipack "A Decade Of Dusk" (Remaster 2018) for 20€ only !

I take it !!!

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"Doom or be Doomed" (Tribute to CATHEDRAL).

I want it !!!

T-Shirt + Digipack "A Decade Of Dusk (Remaster)"

20,00 € each
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Offre Spéciale : le T-shirt Lux Incerta 2018 (homme, femme ou débardeur) + l'album "A Decade Of Dusk" (Remaster) pour 20€ seulement.

Special offer: the T-shirt Lux Incerta 2018 (man, woman or woman tanktop) + the LP "A Decade Of Dusk" (Remaster) for 20€ only.


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